Live A/V with Ronni Shendar:


Audio requirements:
*High quality stereo monitoring needs to be provided. Floor monitoring is preferred, to have as little equipment as possible in the way of the projection. Glitterbug’s monitors need to have dedicated volume control from his sub mixer.
*Glitterbug brings his own sub mixer with control room out and master out. Both have regular balanced jack outputs.

Video requirements:
*The joint a/v performance is a customized, cinematic experience, not a flashing vj set. The image quality needs to be bright, sharp and adequate for film-like projection of complex scenes and low contrast materials.
*Lights: During performance there can be only minimum house and stage lights (other than minimum required by safety regulations). It is crucial that the light technician is available during setup, to make sure that the concept of the show can be discussed before the show.
*Projection: The show can be projected via front or rear projection. The projection must be on a dedicated video projection screen (this is crucial- no sheets or curtains!!!). When using multiple screens, splitters and video amplifiers need to be provided by the host and the precise available equipment needs to be communicated in advance. The projection format is 3x4.
*The projector must be strong enough for the distance of projection (min. 4000 ANSI) The source of projection is a computer on stage output with VGA or DVI cable, converters are NOT acceptable.
When using a very long cable, an Extron Interface (amplifier) needs to be provided.

Stage space:
*Desk space minimum 2m x 1m, around 100 cm high
*Glitterbug and Ronni Shendar are performing together on stage, standing next to each other
*The desk needs to be located in the center of the projection

We need 1 hour setup minimum, in the presence of the video-, light- and sound technicians.

Bellow please find some pictures that might explain better why the show needs a large desk (and thus, quite a bit of space on stage). The desk in the pictures is 2 meters wide and 1 meter deep.